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This sleeping beauty has no idea that her brothers best friend decided to come in her room and make a little home movie of himself violating her. You won't believe the reaction she gives when goes to far and wakes her up mid-coitus. Check out her response to him sleep fucking her here.

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A sleepy blonde is about to wake from a strangely erotic sex dream to a scary nightmare as her neighbor is pumping away deep inside her tight pink pussy. Stunned and aroused at the same time she becomes frozen with fear. Watch the full video of him having his way with her lifeless body here.

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After a long night partying this cutie passes out before her boyfriend even gets home. Upon his arrival he realizes she is out for the count and he decides to expose her and violate her while she sleeps. He is so lucky she is a deep sleeper. Watch him fondle his sleepy sex kitten here.

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